Sunday, 10 June 2012

Whilst looking at different web tools I came across Quizlet It's an online flashcard website which has ready made quizzes for students. I found one on instruments which will be useful with my year 2s. It is also possible to make your own or get students to make a set. My year 6/7s are currently doing a music project on a music artist of their choice, when they are finished I may get them to create online flashcards to use with the class after their presentations.
This week in year 2 we are looking at the different instrument families. Using the Musical Mysteries program on the BBC NI website we will listen to the a range of instruments. As a class the students will then listen to the instrument fact files and complete a accompanying worksheet. The students will then use Tagxemo to create a word cloud on a given family of instruments. We have been using the musical mysteries program as a basis for our learning in year 2 this term and the stuednts have really enjoyed working their way through activities.

Monday, 4 June 2012


I have just set up my blog. This is my first post. Im testing what it will looks like once I add something. Looking forward to sharing my music teaching ideas/ experiences.